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ART galleries

In the heart of Mošćenice's Old Town is the atelier and gallery of Tonči Adulmar. 

In Lovran's Old Town you can find another art gallery from another famous artist - Boris Kačić. 

Both galleries are places "not to be missed", where you can buy unique and original pieces of art. 

OLD town


According to the Monument Protection Act the old town of Mošćenice became part of the national cultural heritage in 1968.

Visit the ethnographic collection, at the gate to the old town, where a considerable number of traditional folk costumes, tools and decorative utensils are kept – all witnesses of the life of our ancestors. Right next door, the old olive mill waits for you – the Mošćenički Toš – over three hundred years old and a symbol of this medieval town. 

 Lovran was one of the earliest settlements in this region, serving as a major shipbuilding center in the early Middle Ages.

A visually-attractive town, the rich history can be seen in its architecture. Old town features churches dating back for centuries and the narrow streets common in the historic Croatian cities. The Austro-Hungarian influence of the 19th century can be seen in the design of the many villas. It is a wonderful town to explore.

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